Friday, 26 November 2010

iPhone painting

Three days ago my old dream came true - i've got iPhone. It is not new, not very fast but i like it. This is a long and unnecessary debate about addiction, glamour etc. I like it because i like it and thats all.
Yesterday i have found app for it called Brushes. Well.. here is the result :))

I think it is always better to have a paper and a pencil with you to draw something when you are not working on computer, but for fun it can be used .

Country Houses

Despite the word "Blender" in the title of the blog, last months i was just watching news about it.
It is because of drawing and painting passion that manifested recently.
There was flood in my country this summer and Government has pledged to build new houses for flood victims.Our company has developed standard designs, and I was asked to perform 3D visualization. I used a Blender and internal renderer and a very short time to get it. I'm not happy with many of the details, but during the period that I was - this is the maximum that I could do.Conclusion: i need to learn:)

Monday, 22 November 2010