Sunday, 24 January 2010


Just like in case with Hulliver, one day almost everything becomes boring.

Rendered in Blender Internal
I'd like to say thanx to russian animation studio Pilot for inspiring me. Here is link to the studio page

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hulliver. Demonstration of power

One day Hulliver had to do this!
Here is another one picture made in Blender with some tests.
Rendered in Yafaray

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The First

I was always waiting for snow. Every winter starting 1st december first of all i was doing in the morning was watching in the window with hope to see everything white there. And finally, when the first snow falls, the same time appears people who want to clean their carpets in it. And that makes me mad! I hate those people with all my hart! after them the yard is similar to chess desk and the snow is no longer pleases me.
This picture i dedicate to them
Rendered in Yafaray

Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy Metal

I love music! Heavy-,thrash-,death metal are my favorite, but more then any other i do love Metallica,doesn't metter period of thear cration - i egaly love all their songs, maybe i'm sick but i like it :)
Despite the fact that I like this music, some artists are creating a stupid stage image. We often talked about this and laughed, so started a character and a funny name.
I've got some photos of Ross Halfin ( for reference, but couldn't do anything even close :)
Rendered in Yafaray

Thursday, 14 January 2010


With all my love to Apple products, i relay like to joke on them. This one i've made very fast just to show it to my friends, that's why it is so brutal, but the aim was to visualise the idea.
So here is table set iEat

And just not to create a new topic - another one apple related joke.
In my Soviet childhood there was a movie called "guest from the future". It was movie for kids about kids. A girl from the future appears in "nowdays" to find the fantstic device that can read minds called "mielophon" (Миелофон). Love, pirats, friendship etc. Don't know if there is somebody in my generation that was watching thie movie less then 5 times... So i made this device in apple style and called it miel-iPhone.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pinocchio beta 1.0

Here is the second "big" work in Blender.
One day i realized that Geppetto made Pinocchio from the scratch ... it's strange. then i decided to imagine that there were a lot of tests, and here is one of them. My friends asked me to add a twig to see clear that it is a boy :)

I wanted to dod some kind of museum wit ha lot of ugly pinocchio models like Anatomical theatre, but this one was the firs and the last. Maybe someday i'll do one more

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

House with a hole :)

Actually there was a story i wrote to describe atmosphere of this place... but it was in russian and i just can't translate it in English, thats why i'll just say it was my very first experience in Blender after boxes,spheres and monkeys. In process of testing modeling tools i've got something relay similar to the country toilet. In the same time i discovered Yafray ad after the test i decided to finish this work.
So here it is :)
final image and tests in Yafray

Monday, 11 January 2010


Not share why i decided to start this blog, maybe i wanted to make order in my pictures and put them in one place, or maybe i wanted to brag, or bring something new in my everyday scenario ... anyway .. i already did it.
So, my name is Stepan and by the nature of my work, I often intersect with the 3D graphics, mostly with 3d max but Blender supplanted him from my personal life long time ago.
But for the beginning i'd like to show only two pictures i've made in 3d max and published them on
vagabond snail (we had too good mood when we came up with this:))
drunk tourist monument (i just decided to practice in modeling and finaly i'v got this)
Tthat's all i made in 3dmax for my soul :) after that blender, blender, blender...
And finally... sorry for my English