Monday, 13 December 2010

Pencil Animation 2

There was animation school in my city when was young. The education was free for anybody , you just had to make a test on admission, and it was for children only. Cartoons made in this school by children won prizes on international festivals. My older sister learned there. Every day after school she was going on lessons of drawing, painting, composition etc. I was too young to attend that classes, so i was just watching her painting homework. Actually I wasn't interested in painting, i wanted to make my characters jump, run, hit, fall..... i didn't knew that it is necessary for animator. And one day school was closed. It was time when soviet union stopped its existence, nobody was interested in that kind of schools, especially free schools. I wold like to make classes here, but there is nobody to teach.
This is a sad story of why i am doing this by myself :) I have some books about animation and youtube tutorials, so i will be 2 in 1 - teacher and pupil. Unfortunately i don't know the methods, so i will invent them myself :) good luck
Here is another Pencil animation .


  1. What I especially like about this is that the log rises up again, instead of the video reaching a full stop and then resetting. Looks really cool this way!

  2. I wanted to make it infinite. I don't like when picture jumping too.

  3. Can I create these animations with a real pencil? Don't want to spend so much time in front of the screen, not good for my eyes...

    Great animation by the way!

  4. thanx))

    i saw people drawing on paper with pencils ,then scanning and tweaking their animation on computer. this process is really interesting for me, but special equipment is needed, especially table with glass and lamp, and i'm not sure that i will have a place in my house for it ))