Monday, 11 January 2010


Not share why i decided to start this blog, maybe i wanted to make order in my pictures and put them in one place, or maybe i wanted to brag, or bring something new in my everyday scenario ... anyway .. i already did it.
So, my name is Stepan and by the nature of my work, I often intersect with the 3D graphics, mostly with 3d max but Blender supplanted him from my personal life long time ago.
But for the beginning i'd like to show only two pictures i've made in 3d max and published them on
vagabond snail (we had too good mood when we came up with this:))
drunk tourist monument (i just decided to practice in modeling and finaly i'v got this)
Tthat's all i made in 3dmax for my soul :) after that blender, blender, blender...
And finally... sorry for my English

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