Tuesday, 12 January 2010

House with a hole :)

Actually there was a story i wrote to describe atmosphere of this place... but it was in russian and i just can't translate it in English, thats why i'll just say it was my very first experience in Blender after boxes,spheres and monkeys. In process of testing modeling tools i've got something relay similar to the country toilet. In the same time i discovered Yafray ad after the test i decided to finish this work.
So here it is :)
final image and tests in Yafray


  1. I think it's awesome, perhaps it'll look even better if you use LuxRender!

  2. You know, i was long time ago, i'm not sure that i will find the source file.
    Luxrender is too slow in my computer, so i'm not using it, just downloading every new version of program, rendering some boxes and spheres... that's all. Don't know how long will Cycles develop to reach lxrender's level, but it is also very interesting project.