Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My first stock luck

First time i heard about photo stock approximately 3 years ago, but i couldn't sell my photos there because there was not enough Mpixels or something like that :), so i could just read about big money that stockers are making there. I almost forgot about it, but one day i read post on www.blenderburu.com about how to make money with blender , about that lucky guy that still making thousands of dollars with one single picture etc. That day, it was about a year ago, i decided to try it myself, to render something and to put it there to see how it works. My first pictures were pumpkins for Halloween following tutorials from www.blendercookie.com and... nothing happened. It was New years eve when the idea appeared. I spent half of a day tweaking fur (actually grass from Andrew Price tutorial), texture and lighting and here is the result. It was wonderful time - almost every day i was notified that my picture was sold. This lucky:) picture shot 51 times. I haven't made much money with it. Actually it wasn't my aim, I just made sure that i can use Blender not just for fun. Since then i sol nothing on that stock :) So be it. I am satisfied

Render - internal


  1. I wanted to sell stock photos too, but I don't want to provide all those identification and stuff...

  2. actually this one was the luckiest )) at the moment i just have no time to make pictures for stock.