Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Live ABC

I was thinking about making another blog for my 2d experiments in other software and not to contaminate this one, but considering that i am not writing here often and there are no constant readers (except one) i think i'll put all in one :)
About two years ago i made myself a gift - graphic tablet Genius. The price was attractive. Actually i was preparing to work on game project but the client changed his mind and my tablet remained idle. Some times i tried to do something for speedpaint contest and nothing more, but in the beginning of this summer i occasionally got job as a freelancer - illustrating 70 page children book "Live ABC" by I was using Corel Painter for it, because author wanted psd files with layers, but during the work i discovered amassing small and open source program called MyPaint. I used it for sketching. But first of all i was impressed how easily can be imitated watercolor. I'll post tomorrow something.

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